El Secreto de EVA

{The essence of pleasure in every cork opening }

[ Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc Coupage ]

El Secreto de Eva
El Secreto de Eva

Be captivated by Eva's enigmatic elegance in every drop

El Secreto de Eva, a partially fermented must with 8% alcohol, is a true oenological gem.

With its intriguing combination of freshness and flavor, this elixir captivates the senses from the first sip. It reveals a perfect harmony between the characteristic lightness of the musts and the depth of the best fruity white wines.

Each glass is a mystery revealed, a sensory experience that transports you to a world of pleasure and refinement. It is the result of a careful selection of grapes and an induced break in fermentation according to a refined technique.

On the nose, El Secreto de Eva awakens with notes of fresh fruits and citrus, anticipating a refreshing experience. In the mouth, its seductive flavor reveals a richness of flavors ranging from green apple to subtle nuances of peach and pear.

Its balanced acidity and persistent finish make this wine the perfect choice to accompany a variety of dishes or enjoy on its own on any occasion.

Verdejo & Sauvignon Blanc Coupage

Verdejo is a white grape variety of Spanish origin that is mainly grown in the Rueda region, in Castilla y León.

This variety is known for producing fresh and aromatic white wines with a balance of fruits, herbs and acidity.

Sauvignon Blanc is another variety widely recognized and appreciated throughout the world.

Native to the Bordeaux region of France, this grape has gained popularity due to its unique flavor profile and versatility.

This last ability allows us to create a blend with a light, refreshing, mineral body and intense, fresh aromas that will delight the regular consumer of semi-dry or fruity wines.

Partially fermented musts are in trend

The rise in demand for fruity white wines has opened the door for winemakers to experiment with new techniques to obtain products that, while preserving or even improving all their characteristics, contain less alcohol.

Partial fermentation allows the natural sugars from the grapes to remain in the wine, resulting in a slightly sweet and fruity flavor.

This sweetness balanced by fresh acidity and a lower alcohol content creates refreshing and pleasant flavor profiles that can be very appealing to a wide range of palates.

They are particularly ideal for those consumers who are beginning to approach the world of wine and begin tasting not too complex preparations.

Environmental awareness has also influenced this trend. Wines with less alcohol require less oenological intervention and less energy for their production, which can be considered more sustainable from an environmental perspective.

El Secreto de Eva
El Secreto de Eva

El Secreto de Eva pairs well with everything

El Secreto de Eva
El Secreto de Eva

El Secreto de Eva is an exceptional companion for fresh seafood and fish.

Try serving it with grilled limpets, stewed octopus, shrimp or cooked fish.

Its refreshing acidity and notes of citrus fruits perfectly complement the flavors of the sea.

You can also enjoy it as an aperitif, or on your nights out.

And more and more "brunches" incorporate it instead of sparkling wine or offer it as an alternative to it.

The consumption possibilities of El Secreto de Eva are endless.

Of course, we recommend always drinking it in good company.

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